How do I disable interactivity of Kibana Visualization

Windows 7
elasticsearch v1.6.0
logstash v1.5.2
kibana v4.1.1

I really like that a user can interact with a Kibana Visualization. Example click on a bar chart and highlight, zoom in on a certain date range, or maybe click on the "down" arrow and do further research by clicking on the "Table" Button, "Request" Button, "Response" Button, or "Statistics" Button. I also like that I can embed a Kibana Visualization inside a web page using an iframe by clicking the "Share Visualization" Button on the "Visualize" Tab. This feature is great, but not all my users want or need the ability to interact with a visualization.

I do not want all my users to be able to interact with a visualization.
Example: I would like for my users to only be able to view a visualization on a web page. I do not want a user to be able to change the data that displays in the visualization or click on the "down" arrow. How can I disable the ability for a user to interact with a visualization that has been shared (displayed on a web page in an iframe)?

Right now there is no fine-grained permissions in Kibana for things like dashboard creation and modification. As a workaround, some of our users embed Kibana charts as iframes in a wrapper, which disables edit controls. To embed, click the "Share"button.

Thank you for your suggestion. I understand how to "Share a Visualization" and essentially copy and paste an the iframe code from Kibana into my web page. When you say that others put iFrame in a wrapper to disable the edit controls... how do you put an iFrame in a wrapper. Please help me understand what you mean? And how does putting a iFrame inside a wrapper disable the edit controls in the visualization?

I mean by embedding in other HTML. If you follow this video you'll see that no edit controls are available on a visualization that has been embedded:

I followed the tutorial, but it added edit controls along with the chart. How can I embed just the chart? Here is a screenshot of the chart embedded in my web page via iframe.

Found the answer here. Basically you have to add embed=true somewhere parallel to _g(...) and _a(...).

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i am using iframe in order to import my visualization in my web page. However, I can still modifiy my visualization from my web page. This is something that I would like to disable. Is it available in newest release than kibana 4.5.1 ?