While I'm using share dashboard using Iframe tag?

I'm using share dashboard using Iframe tag and copied that link to my application.

My question is how to restrict the user not to edit the content by editing the query .How to disable the edit option.



A couple of questions to help figure this out:

  1. Which version of Kibana are you on?

  2. Would it be possible for you to paste screenshots of the iframe embedded in your application?



Thanks Shaunak Kashyap https://discuss.elastic.co/users/shaunak for your
reply We are using Kibana 5.0 and I'm able to copy Iframe in my application
but I need to disable the edit options for the user in order not to change
the data.Just for viewing purpose they need to have.

Any thoughts on above mentioned question.


Thanks. I just tried embedding an iframe'd dashboard from Kibana 5 and I don't see any edit options:

Can you share the equivalent screenshot of your application showing the embedded iframe so I can see what you are seeing as edit options?

Please find my snapshots and let me know is there any possibility to hide the edit options.

If I;m selecting in between the pie chart it is showing me the query.AS for my application if we show the query users can easily alter right

So we are getting query right how to disable it.


Thanks for the screenshots (and apologies for the delay in responding). Currently it is not possible to disable filtering on shared visualizations/dashboards. However, there is an issue for it, if you'd like to add your use case to it and/or track its progress: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/3046.