How to display data in kibana

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in discover i have details as follows

 Name   Age    City               Diseases

 Raj        25    Chennai          Myopia
Ravi        35    Chennai          Glaucoma
Ram        48    Chennai          catract
Sam        49    Chennai          Eye pain
Ajay        50    Chennai          uveitis

Raj        45    Mumbai          uveitis
Ravi      35    Mumbai         Glaucoma
Ram      40    Mumbai         Eye pain
Sam      80    Mumbai         Catract
Ajay      70    Mumbai          Myopia

i want to search only city chennai

for that how to do in elastic search

please let me know

(David Pilato) #2

In Kibana, you can search for City:Chennai I guess.
In elasticsearch, there are multiple ways for doing that.

You can use a bool query and a filter clause which contains a term query on field "City", with value "Chennai".

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