How to do auto adjustment for any axis data in Kibana

Hi Team,
I have some data which is coming some time as 10 thousand and sometimes 1 if I take the count for that in y-axis w.r.t. each day in the x-axis.

Problem is each though the data is coming at only one for each day, I am not able to visualize into Kibana, it looks like no data is there for that day.

Can we have auto adjust feature like which can adjust according to data coming in, only then I think i would able to see that correct visualization via kibana?

Please help on this, there is just one way I was able to findout was limit the axis min and max consider 0 to 10 then only I was able to see the count into y-axis.

the charts should be automatically adjusted based on the highest value in the interval. But in your case it's pretty tough to show both data points (10000 and 1) on the same chart. The option that I see is to use a log scale for Y-axis. You can find that in the options for the Line/bar/area chart.

What i did is almost the same you said but i just set the axis min to zero not defined any upper/max as count may vary with time frames I select, and now i am getting expected results.


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