How to do basic authentication when your Trial license with premium features is active

how to do basic authentication when your Trial license with premium features is active.

I want to keep username,password for each user who want to enter into kibana or elastic search . How can we do it .How can i setup these features?

Have you looked at the documentation around security?

are you talking about this

Prudhvi, you can start here: .

Please read through this as it is very detailed and will definitely be extremely helpful. Now, if you do have questions or issues in the process, we'll do our best to help. Keep in mind that specific questions with enough details and information on

  • what you're actually trying to do , what have you tried so far, and what is your configuration
  • what is the exact problem you are facing
  • what was the expected behavior and what you're seeing instead
  • error messages from the logs

are the ones that are usually get the quickest and most thorough replies from the people using these forums

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I am using trail license .
I am trying to keep authentication to kibana and elastic search.
I am getting this error.What to do?


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Instead paste the text and format it with </> icon. Check the preview window.

I downloaded elastic search version 6.6.0 and using in local host port 9200 and now i downloaded elastic search version 6.0.1 and now i want to use it in port 9200.

how should i stop elastic search v 6.6.0 running in port 9200 and start elastic search v 6.0.1 in port 9200

I tried in cmd ,its getting like this

C:\Users\212744798\Downloads\elasticsearch-6.6.0\elasticsearch-6.6.0\bin>elasticsearch-service.bat stop
Failed stopping 'elasticsearch-service-x64' service

Please don't ask the same question multiple times.

Let's keep the new question at:


in kibana version 6.0.1 , in visualization there is no control pattern visualization.
Is there any way to access this visualization in this verion?

Please don't mix up all your unrelated questions in one thread. Your latest question has nothing to do with Elasticsearch and/or security.

I'm not sure what you mean by "control pattern visualization". Is this it:

If yes, then, no you can't use it in 6.0.1, it was introduced in 6.3.

In general, a quick way of figuring out if something was available in an earlier version will be to try and access the documentation for it in an earlier version. If you click the link above and try to set the version in the top right to 6.0 , you'll get a popup saying "This page is not available in the docs for version:6.0" .

As a few people have already asked you, do you have a very specific reason for using such an old version (6.0.1) ?Why don't you use the latest available version, which is 6.6 ?

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