How to stop elastic search v6.6.0 and start v6.0.1

I downloaded elastic search version 6.6.0 and using in local host port 9200 and now i downloaded elastic search version 6.0.1 and now i want to use it in port 9200.

how should i stop elastic search v 6.6.0 running in port 9200 and start elastic search v 6.0.1 in port 9200

I tried in cmd ,its getting like this

C:\Users\212744798\Downloads\elasticsearch-6.6.0\elasticsearch-6.6.0\bin>elasticsearch-service.bat stop
Failed stopping 'elasticsearch-service-x64' service

Why would you want to run 6.0.1 instead of 6.6.0?

developing a project that is already done in verion 6.0.1
and decided to do project in version 6.0.1

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