How to filter out "-" values in Kibana?


I am trying to visualize the top process with their CPU percentage. However, when I put this in a table some values are "-". These are also sorted above normal percentages. Is there a way to filter these values out or sort the under normal percentages?

Same problem when using Top N. This picture is with the filter: : *

I already tried to apply a filter and sort in a different order with no success.

What do you mean by "These are also sorted above normal percentages"? I'd recommend you to use lens instead of TSVB, it's more intuitive and easier to use.

Thanks for the reply!

The second picture is an example of a lens visualization. Here i sorted all the processes on CPU utilization ( from Metricbeat) and ranked them descending. how can I prevent the "-" values like in the second picture? And how come that these are ranked ahead of normal values when ranked descending?

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