How to get external url of kibana (loadBalancer)

I use the chart, version 7.7.1 installed elasticsearch, kibana and logstash into Kubernetes. helm version is 2.16.10. Kubernetes version is 1.16 (eks). I use default settings.

Commands to install:
helm install --name elasticsearch ./elasticsearch --namespace elk
helm install --name kibana ./kibana --namespace elk
helm install --name logstash ./logstash --namespace elk

How to get the external URL of Kibana? If I need to configure loadBalancer, how to do it?

Hi @melissajenner22, I forwarded this question to our helm charts maintainers, they will update the post soon.

Hi @melissajenner22,
With the default values, kibana is not reachable from outside of the K8S cluster and you would need to create a port forward to access it using kubectl port-forward svc/kibana-kibana 5601.

If you want to expose Kibana outside of your cluster, you should configure service value to configure a NodePort or LoadBalancer.

Note that you can also use ingress value to configure an Ingress resource.

See for more details.

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