How to get kibana 6.8 from github

Hi All,

PLease tell me know what difference between release kibana version and the kibana source on github? and

I can not generate a plugin and run on kibana with release version.
currently I can not find out kibana's source code 6.8 on github, there is only 6.8.7
please tell me know how to get kibana's source code 6.8 from github?

thank you for any response

Hi there Jay,

The 6.8 branch is currently pointed to the in-development 6.8.7 patch version of Kibana. To get the 6.8.0 version, you'll need to navigate to the v6.8.0 tag:

In git on your machine, you can check this out directly with this command: git checkout v6.8.0

thank you so much

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