Unable to see the version of Kibana

Hi All,

After installing the Kibana through git I am unable to see the version like (master ).Please some one let me know what vl be the issue.
Thanks In Advance

hi @rudravaram

are you referring to the version listing on the Kibana management page?

On the master branch, this will show the next major. In this case, this is 6.0.0

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I have installed through git and unable to start Kibana.main issue is while installing it needs to show the version I guess, but it is showing as KIbana instead of Kibana(Master)

Are you starting up kibana straight from source? You would use npm to run from source.

https://github.com/elastic/kibana/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md has a tutorial on how to run from source code on the master branch. It requires installing the npm modules dependencies, followed by running the npm run kibana grunt task.

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