Versioning problem with ElasticSearch


So, here I have updated Kibana but I am with an elasticsearch version more old...

my version kibana : 5.0

Where to find version 6.0.0 of elasticsearch ?


Please don't post pictures of text, they are difficult to read and some people may not be even able to see them.

This looks like you are running an alpha build of 6.0.0?

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Okay, excuse me...

Effectively, but precisely, elasticsearch needs to be upgraded? :frowning:

Are you intending to be running an alpha version of 6.0 of anything?

Similar problem... :frowning:

Once installed: I have this problem. And the biggest worry is that version 6.0.0 of elasticsearch, I find not the download link.

Maybe it will speak to you more :

Let's step back a bit.

How did you install Kibana?

Looks like you have done git checkout 6.0, not git checkout 5.0.

Indeed ... Too bad that the versions do not follow between Elasticsearch and Kibana ... it would be too beautiful :smiley: Thank you :wink:

They do, major versions needs to match.

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