How to hide all the 'getting started/add data/' links

just trying to configure the system (kibana/elastic) for endusers.

how can I avoid all the links to 'add data',
links to '/home/app#'
and everything else that is nice to have in a 'how to get started' mode.

but I am passed this stage and would like to have a locked down system

I don't think there is way to completely disable home, but:

  1. you could use spaces to only enable needed features for your end users
  2. In advanced settings you can change default route from home to something else

with spaces you can only restrict a little bit
Take for example the 'Observability' category
The 'overview' has all this 'What's new stuff
And install Apm, Uptime etc.
For users who do not have the privileges to add these agents. Why should they get these links
It makes the UI convoluted and unnecessary complex.

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