How to install Extended Metric Plugin in version 7.6.1

I downloaded it as a 'zip' file from git to install the plugin.
After that, I opened package.json and modified kibana version to 7.6.1.
And the following command was executed by compressing the plugin file back into a zip file.
.\bin\kibana-plugin.bat install file:///D:\ES\kibana-7.6.1-windows-x86_64\

The error is as follows.

If this plugin can be applied to version 7.6.1, please guide in detail the parts and commands to be modified.(No node.js and react.js experience)

I assume you are referring to kibana_ext_metrics_vis plugin.

That repo has instructions on how to install a plugin for Kibana 7.4.2, but not later. I found an issue in that repo that says that plugin does not work in Kibana 7.5.1:

If it does not work in 7.5.1 due to changes in Kibana there is very little chance it will work in 7.6.1. Maybe one could ask in that GitHub repo if that plugin supports Kibana 7.6.1, but it seems very unlikely.

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