How to resolve installation issue in kibana-plugin for extended_metric_vis?

I'm working on Elastocsearch 5.0.0 and kibana 5.0.0 and extended_metric_vis-5.0.0
I am trying to install extended_metric_vis plugins available for kibana but I am getting below error...

D:..\kibana-5.0.0-windows-x86\kibana-5.0.0-windows-x86\bin>kibana-plugin install
Attempting to transfer from
Attempting to transfer from (WHY URL IS APPENDED HERE???)
Error: Client request error: read ECONNRESET
Plugin installation was unsuccessful due to error "Client request error: read ECONNRESET"

Please tell me what am I doing wrong???

I have also tried local installation but getting same error

This is either a bug with the plugin installer and windows - we've made several windows improvements since 5.0.0, or the url isn't accessible. It's attempting to download the plugin, and when that fails it tries to download it from

Can you download the zip separately? If you can, extracting the zip and moving the contents of the kibana folder in the exaction into the plugins folder will get you running.

I have tried downloading zip also and the plugin contents are already inside kibana folder.
But I am getting same error its appending file:///D:/... URL to URL

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