Installation error on Kibana 5.0.0

After installing fine in elasticSearch,it's the turn of kibana:

$ /usr/share/kibana/bin/kibana-plugin install x-pack
Attempting to transfer from x-pack
Attempting to transfer from
Transferring 56932561 bytes....................
Transfer complete
Retrieving metadata from plugin archive
Extracting plugin archive
Extraction complete
Optimizing and caching browser bundles...
Plugin installation was unsuccessful due to error "Cannot read property 'error' of undefined"

Any help¿

Hi Vicente,

Sorry this went unanswered so long. Did you get past this problem?

If you did, what did you do to resolve it?

If you didn't, what OS are you on?
The optimization process can take a fair amount of memory. Is it possible there wasn't enough for optimization to complete successfully? Obviously a better error message would help if that's the case.


Well, I saw then it was a paid product and I thought that was the reason. Is that one? Is there a demo mode?

Yes. You have a test period.

You have also a basic license (free) which gives you access to monitoring and query profiling features.

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