How to keep filter bar visible

I am using Kibana 5.4.2. It is distracting to have the filter bar come and go, moving everything up and down with it. How can I enhance/hack Kibana to keep the filter bar visible all the time?

Hi @spacepacket,

I tested it on 5.5 and I'm not seeing the bar disappear at all. Does it disappear when you scroll, or it just disappears after a certain amount of time after opening it?

I was told at Elasticon2018 that in some version it was changed to always stay visible. Maybe that was 5.5, but I do not see it in the release notes. Unfortunately, we cannot upgrade right now, so I just want to configure/hack it to stay visible in 5.4.2.

BTW - What I am really trying to do is get around this issue:

Yup, you're right - it changed in 5.5.

The simpliest hack might be just adding some CSS that targets the filter bar and adds display: block !important or something similar.

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