How to know user who log into Kibana

Hi guys,
I'm new here. Sorry if I'm in wrong category.

My question: How can I know user who log into my Kibana?
Kibana: Free version 7.4.0
Elasticsearch: Free version 7.4.0

What I've already done:

  1. I set <> to true in Kibana.yml, but nothing happened.
  2. Then, I add
    < rolling-file> and < /var/log/auditfile.log> in Kibana yml, my Kibana service unable to start.
  3. I disabled #2 in Kibana.yml
  4. I enabled #1 and #2 in Elasticsearch.yml, but my Elasticsearch service unable to start.

So, what exactly should I do to get user login audit? or I cannot get it in free version?
Appreciate your help.

Thank you

I suppose audit logging is a feature for some subscription license.

Audit logging is not available in the basic (free) license.

To see what is available in each license, check the subscriptions page.

One alternative would be to put your Kibana or Elasticsearch behind a proxy and consume the proxy logs.

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