Audit all users login to kibana

Hi All,

We are planning to give Kibana access to other users.

Now we need to monitor what all activities they are doing, who all logged in to Kibana and also if we can monitor whether same user id is getting user from multiple ids at the same time.

Can someone please suggest on this.

Check out audit logs.

Hi @aaron-nimocks I have updated to true in kibana.yml. not sure, where to check these logs

Here is a good post about that question.

Hi @aaron-nimocks , Thanks for the suggestion. I have gone through that link and configured kibana.yml according. Now logs are getting generated.

When I tried login using consumer credentials(passed wrong password), i can see below error. Is there a way to get the exact consumer name here. I logged in with credit card consumer. And also can I view this is any Kibana index instead of the log file

I just want to create a report in Kibana, where I can see ,,, which consumer tried to login , and what all queries they tried in Kibana.

I tried configureing [](https://Access management) but that is also not working as expected

Error :
"Logging in with provider "basic" (basic)"}

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