How to load documents so you can query by day of week in PST

hey i've been reading up and looks like elasticsearch/logstash will store dates as UTC by default. makes sense

But here's the thing I'm trying to solve: I'm trying to do some analytics for an email marketing newsletter. It gets sent at say Monday 8pm PST. which is Tuesday 3AM UTC the next day. So the day of week is different. Which messes up a query for events only on a Monday.

Anyone got any ideas? Maybe I should index a separate field "weekday" or maybe store a PST datetime or something

oh oh one more thing: i'm using Kibana so end users can see charts and stuff, so ideally there's a kibana/lucene search syntax thing i can do to search say only Monday's

If you are using KB and that is set to the correct TZ then it'll convert it for you when you do the analysis/

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