How to make a set of filters permanently attached to a visualisation, regardless of dashboard?

I have 3 different visualisations that require different types of filters, and i want to put these 3 visualisations in the same dashboard.

but when i pin the filters, the filters overwrite unto the other visualisations! do you know how i can attach a set of filters permanently and specifically to 1 visualisation? :(((

You can set the filters on the Visualization level and saves these. They will also be applied when you insert the visualizations into a dashboard.

but it seems like the filters apply to all of the data, and not to the specific visualisation?
because the dashboard i would like to create will have 3 graphs with different filters for each graph. is there a way to attach filters just to 1 visualisation?

Which Version are you working on?

If you create a visualization with filters and saved it with these and than add this visu to a dashboard the filters on the visu should only apply to this visu and not to all visus on the dashboard.

mine is version 6.4.3!

the filters didnt follow through on my dashboard :"(

You could also try to use a saved search for the visu so that the filters are defined there, that i now works in all versions 6.x (i have it myself on multiple visus).

If that doesn't work i have no idea what the Problem could be.

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