How to make the healt indicator in the visualisation?


Hot to make the indicators of healts as show in the pictures?

I will appreciate for the reply.

Can you provide some more information? How are you determining health of each service?
Are you looking for a kibana visualization to do this, or are you referring to something in monitoring?

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Yes interesting in the Kibana visualization, I am going determining the health for Boolean - true or falce. And two indicators - green and red.

Hi @AlexM,

it should be possible to achieve this using the "Url" field formatter of type "Image". You would just need to configure the url template for the boolean field to produce urls that point to two images of the indicators, which you would simply host somewhere on a static web server.

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Hello @weltenwort,
How to vizualize the type of url- image in dashboard? For example in table. Because this type of url doesnot aggregable, and do not shows in table as I understood :frowning:

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