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Hi there,

I'm trying to request a service, the service can be "up" or "down".
Now I want a simple visualization, where I see the service name as title and under it there should be a red or a green square, if the status is down or up.

_index	"services"
_type	"external"
_id	"1"
_version	4
found	true
name	"Service-1"
state	"up"

I see very complex visualizations in Kibana, but is a simple thing like this also possible, and if yes - how?

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No Idea?

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I think there are 2 parts to your question;

  1. If your data is time-based, and services go up and down over time, then you want to see the most recent state only? Or do you only have 1 doc in Elasticsearch for each service name, and that doc gets updated whenever the state changes (in this case you don't have to get the most recent state as there is only 1).

  2. How to show a colored square based on the value. - There are customer field formatters in Kibana that can show the text in a different color depending on the value, or you could even reference the URLs of red and green squares.

In this example, I went into my packetbeat index pattern, selected the field named final and click on the edit pencil.
This field is a string and only has values of true and false. So I randomly decided if the string matches regular expression true I would set the text red, or if false I would set the text to green.

You can see the color in Discover app;

And in Data Tables in Visualize;

And probably other places in Kibana.

If you set your field format to URL, you can select Image and do some cool stuff;



Thank you so much, that is a great answer.

I am not sure, how the states will be handled, cause at the moment I am only using test data and not the final services. But I guess there will be only one file that gets updated when the state changes.

I have only one small question left. I only managed to visualize something like:

up: 4
down: 1

But I would like to visualize each service specifically, and have a visualisation like that:

Service A: up
Service B: up
Service C: up
Service D: down
Service D: up

I'm sure this is possible, but I still couldn't find out how.

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