Visualization for status field

Hi Team,

I have a below requirement to show the status visualization for below data
let's say that for the last 24 hours i have a field for incidents and the latest value shows whether that service is down
incidents.servicekey="core service"
means that core service is down
and if i dont have any data or no results found it means that the service is up and running
below is what i have tried but for metric the color code is not working even it shows 0 results.

Version 7.14.1
Appreciate for the help

Hi there, what if you try this configuration?

Thanks a lot @Marta_Bondyra it worked :+1:
Can you please confirm if we want to have similar panels, inner color is needs to be checked ? kind of surprised to see the expected result just by changing a config :sweat_smile:
Can this similar requirement be done in pie chart or donut ?

Happy to hear it worked! It actually depends on visualization type, I don't think it will work in pie chart or donut - in this case you will get the screen as below for no results. I don't think you can work around it.

Screenshot 2021-10-20 at 10.50.22

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