How to manage array in Kibana

Hi everyone, I'm a Kibana user and at the moment I'm quite stucked with something I want to solve...
The question I kindly would ask you are 2:

  1. In a Kibana visualization is it possible to represent the first element of the arrays related to a field?
    Let explain me better: I have a field stored as an array. In a document this field is found 100 times and each time the array is composed by 3 elements; I would like to represent something using only the first element of these arrays.
    Do you know if it is possible?

  2. In a Kibana visualization is it possible to insert a custom filter (I mean writing the entire query manually) in order to say "if the field I'm using in the aggregation appears many time take it just once".

Thank you in advance to those people who will try to answer even only one of my questions :*

Hi @g_k_b

I think you may find both answers in the following topic

If you still have a problem, please provide data sample and visualisation type you would like to see.


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