How to migrate all dashboard, visualization, map, template, kibana settings data?

I want to completely migrate the data of the 7.12 cluster to the 7.16 cluster, including all the data, which can be understood as mirroring.
I suspect that the data on kibana is all on the kibana index. If it is copied manually (maybe using other tools or reindex), can it be safely migrated? Is there anything to watch out for?
In a word, how to migrate all data completely using other tools?

Are you not doing an in-place upgrade?

Because of the problem with the xpack license, I want to keep only the data.

It might be easier to fix that problem, rather than take this route though?

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So can you tell me how to remove the license?

If you want to go to 7.16 then you need a basic license. Start basic API | Elasticsearch Guide [7.16] | Elastic will get you there.

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I have a gold license on the 7.12 cluster. If the rolling upgrade method is used directly, the 7.16 cluster will also inherit this license, but I want the 7.16 cluster to use the basic license.

Then use that API to change it to a basic :slight_smile:

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