How to modify date/time in timelion canvas workpad?

Due to a bug in canvas workpads, date/time are showing in UTC.
There is a workaround for ESQL.
More details - Wrong Canvas timezone

Is there a workaround for timelion visualisations?
How can I show the current TZ in timelion x-axis?


Hi @AClerk
if you use the timelion syntax in canvas, the visualization still use the same Canvas rendering library and will have the same timezone error, unfortunately.

Thanks for your attention.
In other visualisations, I could use the following workaround:

select (my_timestamp + INTERVAL 10 HOURS) as my_date....

And by that, I could work around the bug, and show the correct time, by timezone.
Is it possible to use the same logic with timelion?
Something like (pseudo-code):

| mapColumn "my_timestamp"   fn={my_timestamp = timestamp + 10}
| pointseries x="my_timestamp" y="mean(value)"
| render

Hopefully to use the newly mapped my_timestamp with the x-axis, and show the correct time, by timezone.


this could work, you can probably use the offset option in the .es() function to offset by 10 hours your dataset

That is not the functionality I want.
I need events from NOW appear as they are happening now, and in current timezone.
I can see that happening, just with UTC timezone, as mentioned earlier.

I need to find a way to shift the visual's display, not fetch old events.


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