How to monitor the Oracle Database

Have seen the demo relates to Metricbeat which shows the statitics related to opensource NOSQL database - Cassandra, Mongodb..etc and also MySQL and PostgreSQL. )
In similar way would like to know how to monitor the Oracle database.

there is no "protocol" decoder created for Oracle, otherwise I would have used it myself. While there is one for the ones your mentioning.

To my knowledge the only thing you could do is monitor the TCP source and destination and that does not help much and that is a real waist of packetbeat.

Now it could be written, just no one has decoded oracle for the packetbeat project.

Sounds like we're mixing metricbeat and packetbeat here.

Being a proprietary disclosed protocol, the Oracle DB protocol is not supported by packetbeat.

Metricbeat on the other hand actively polls the services for it's metrics. Unfortunately adding Oracle DB support would require dynamically linking against the client libs, enforcing all users to have these libs available.

There's an old (it seems unmaintained) community beat named orabeat. Maybe one can turn this into a metricbeat module. The beats code-base adds experimental support for go based plugins, but this would also require some you to compile beats and such yourself.

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