How to open kibana 6.2.1 in dev mode in windows

Hi all,

I am working on changing some of the kibana src codes as per my requirements, now each time I am doing any change in kibana src code even after restarting the kibana server the bundle files are remaining the same and hence not reflecting in browser.

now the solution for this which I have got is to install any plugin and then removing the same say x-pack then only kibana rebundles all its bundles and the change is reflected then but this whole procedure is a lot more time taking, each time doing one change waiting for nearly 15 mins in this process.

Please if any body can help me out with this.

I am using windows 10 and downloaded the zip file of kibana from the kibana download site kibana version 6.2.1.

Kindly provide me a little detailed step wise solution on how to open kibana in dev watch mode.

Thanks in advance.

I develop (mostly tests) for Kibana on Windows. I use the git-bash shell for running Kibana (but this should work in a cmd prompt as well).

Did you download the Kibana installation zip, or download the repo from I'm pretty sure you would have to download the repo for this to work in dev mode.

With that repo downloaded, you need to follow steps here;

That guide is pretty detailed so it should help you a lot. If you have problems please let us know.


Many thanks Lee for helping me out here, ill surely check and let you know if this works.

Thanks again.

Hi Lee,

I got success in running kibana 7.0.0 alpha1 in dev mode thanks a lot for that, but as my elasticsearch version is 6.2.1, kibana version 7.0.0 is not compatible kindly suggest me which kibana repo version should i choose to download from repo in order to make elastic compatible with kibana

Thanks in advance.

You can switch to Kibana 6.2 branch and that will be compatible with your Elasticsearch 6.2.1.

Many Many thanks Lee for your great help here.!

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