How to pass a parameter from Kibana dashboard link to Elasticsearch rest client?

Hi Team,
The elastic stack is great thing which made the log collection and virtualization so easy.
Thank you all for providing such great tools.

I secured my Elasticsearch rest API with an open source plugin, and any access to Elasticsearch http Rest API requires the basic authentication. In my own application, I embed some Kibana dashboards.
My requirement is that: when user accessing my application page which has Kibana dashboard embed, I don't like it to prompt the basic authentication dialog.
So is it possible to bypass the authentication by appending something like a token as a parameter to the Kibana Dashboard link, then Kibana pass this token to Elasticsearch, and I can validate the token in my Elasticsearch plugin.
I knew that we can put the user id/password in url header to bypass, but I don't want to do it like that.

Sample of my dashboard link:***
I found I can set the request header in esFactory, but I don't know how to pass the token to the esFactory. Thank you in advance.

es = esFactory({
host: esUrl,
log: 'info',
requestTimeout: 0,
apiVersion: esApiVersion,
plugins: [function (Client, config) {

            // esFactory automatically injects the AngularConnector to the config
            function CustomAngularConnector(host, config) {
    , host, config);

              this.request = _.wrap(this.request, function (request, params, cb) {
                if (String(params.method).toUpperCase() === 'GET') {
                  params.query = _.defaults({ _: }, params.query);
                **//params.headers={'Authorization': 'Basic ' + btoa('Admin:Admin')};**
                return, params, cb);

            config.connectionClass = CustomAngularConnector;

There is not currently support for this in Kibana. You might be able to create a plugin to check the token and add the credentials to the request.headers.Authorization before it's passed through to Elasticsearch.