Kibana iframe with Token (Authentication purpose)

Hello Team,

I have integrated the Kibana dashboard "iframe" with my react application. But, each time I have to log-in to see the Kibana dashboard. (FYI: My Kibana version 7.4.0)

So, I have followed a few paths to bypass the authentication mechanism. But, didn't succeed.

  • Used Nginx proxy to bypass the authentication. However, this is a 50% result. Because the Dashboard URL will be accessible even without logging in to my application.

  • Tried to pass userName and password as a part of the Kibana iframe URL. But, it didn't work.

I have also seen a few Api's from the elastic search that will provide us Tokens (Please refer below).

If I receive a successful bearer token using the above API. Will I be able to see the dashboard if I append the token with Kibana iframe URL ?

<iframe src="http://localhost:'',filters:!(),fullScreenMode:!f,options:(hidePanelTitles:!f)?Token=8u88i996ggsghasdujeusiwk899></iframe>


Do I need to make any custom header configurations to send the token as a separate header along with iframe url to make it work?

Elasticsearch Token Service tokens have specific properties that make them difficult to use for your use case, specifically that they have very short life ( by default 20 mins and up to 1hr ) after which you either need to use the refresh token to refresh it or get another access token. You can use bearer tokens in your requests to Kibana but you need to enable the Token authentication provider in kibana , see, but whether this is suitable for your scenario, I doubt it.

I can't really unwrap how you tried it and what Exactly failed ? This is the most obvious way forward for you, so I'd suggest we focus on making this work. There are numerous examples in previous posts in this forum to help you, start with Nginx reverse proxy for kibana that contains further links to other relevant posts

Hello @ikakavas,

As per your comments. i have used token service made a [POST ] call to my elastic api "/_security/oauth2/token" which is running on"9200" to generate tokens and it is successful in getting access token and refresh token. Please may i know the next step to store the token in my browser. I don't think it will work if i set the bearer token in my browser with any "keyname"..

Also, I have also tried another alternative using this post:

If you refer to the screenshot, I was able to get some JSON response. But i am not getting the cookie.

Do I need to make any changes in elasticsearch.yaml or kibana.yaml files in order to get the cookie? If i get the cookie. I can store it in my browser. But, Will it work after getting the cookie?
Please can you provide me a right path in achieving this.

Hi there, my comment was that you should not use tokens for your use case ,not the other way around:)

Not sure i follow. Our docs detail how to use a token as a bearer token for authentication 139732 but again, I cant see how this can help you with your use case.

The cookie comes in a response header, not in the body of the response, you need to examine the headers in postman

Hello @ikakavas,

I am able to call the Kibana Api and can see all the response headers in the network Tab.

Also, I can print all the headers in the console window. But, except ['Set-Cookie']. Is it because of http -only?

Please, may I know how to grab the cookie?

I will repeat once more that this path forward doesn't satisfy your use case, so I'm unsure if you should be pursuing this further.

This question has now become: "How can I handle response headers in React" and I can't be of any help. Maybe someone else from the community can assist you

Thanks for your info @ikakavas ,

As a developer, I have to try every possibility to get the things done in a proper way. I felt working with access tokens and cookies will be more secure than Nginx proxy. Because, I hope we have to hardcode basic authentication header in the nginx configuration file. So that, whomever hits the url will be re-directed to kibana dashboards. Please let me know if my understanding is wrong and can you suggest me a good Nginx configuration where i can pass dynamic authentication from my web application.So that, I can configure multiple users and pass the auth headers in the runtime.

FYI : I am currently using kibana 7.3.0 and will be upgrading to 7.4.0 in the near future.


Hello @ikakavas ,

Please can you POST your response.


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As I wrote above


Again, not the best person to help you with this, but I have shared a few links to setups that folk have used successfully with nginx earlier in this thread

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