How to provide single Kibana link to multiple clients

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I was wondering of it's possible to provide single kibana link to multiple clients . What i am planning is to create multiple indexes and restrict client to their respective index. So that everyone can open same link but with restricted access . I hope this makes sense . I got to know that authentication can be handled with Shield plugin but what about single Kibana link thing.

Or if I create multiple dashboard in Kibana and I want to restrict clients to their respective dashboards only.Can I achieve this ?

Hello vikas_gopal,

yes you can do this. But you need to buy Shield so you can create some index aliases with filter´s. And than set the users to this index you want.

or you wait till kibana 4.2....:

Thank you Felix_Kutscher,
Wow!! I guess I get a start here and I guess I can use Shield for 30 days since it has 30 days trial right ? I have another question here , as you mentioned I can set the users to a certain index ,but can I integrate it with LDAP, because in production environment it would be hard to mention users manually .I hope it make sense .. :slight_smile:

I need another favor may I get some reference, doc or link to setup shield for Kibana also LDAP thing. Thank you again for your time and support Felix.


vikas here all the shield docs

Thank you Nellicus,

You guys are awesome. Thanks again for your help and support .


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