How to read JSON string in message field


I have a message field having JSON string I need to filter records based on that keys of that JSON.
Following is my message field having JSON string

"_source": {
"@timestamp": "2020-06-01T11:30:01.081Z",
"level": "info",
"message": "Published 'position update' message to ESB for CorrelationId: 29c35f2e-721f-456e-b61b-de5698df01c8, Message: {"Provider":"hutch","ShipmentKey":"444444","CorrelationId":"44444-721f-456e-b61b-de5698df01c8","Latitude":4455,"Longitude":-4444,"UpdateDateUtc":"2020-05-31T21:41:32.000Z","OriginalUpdate":"{\"Bearing\":173,\"DriverName\":\"Gaurav Dhammi\",\"Latitude\":49.20196,\"LoadStatus\":\"Active\",\"LocationAddress\":\"5545/45 110 Ave,\",\"LocationDate\":\"2020-05-31 21:41:32\",\"Longitude\":-122.877204,\"PlateNo\":\"53086P\",\"UnitNo\":\"184\",\"VIN\":\"1FUJHHDR6LLKU5076\"}"}",
"label": "tracking.consumer.esb",
"hostName": "4444",
"provider": "hutch",

I want to create dashboard where I want to show all ShipmentKey based on the provider name selected i.e. hutch. Shipment key is in message field as JSON form
How do I filter documents and show shipmentkeys based on the provider selected in Kibana Control option list?
I tried scripted field but as per requirement I can not create separate field as it shows as extra field to existing logs

Can you please help

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