How to restart Kibana automatically?

Hey guys,

I'm looking for a way to restart Kibana through a script and to make sure that Kibana will use the good Index Pattern and the good Time-field name.
For the moment, each time I restart Kibana, I need to do this manually through the GUI.

Thanks for your help.


If you need to manually set an index pattern and timestamp there are other problems.

What exactly is happening?

About once per day, I need to restart ELK on my servers and I don't know why.

So, when I stop each service and restart them, I need to go to Kibana Settings, and setup the right Time-Field name.

I just want to find the way to automatically setup this information to script the restart.

You should fix the actual problem, why do you need to restart?
What problems do you see?

For whatever reason (I looked in the logs of each service), after several hours of operation, I get this message on Kibana:

plugin:elasticsearch Elasticsearch is still initializing the kibana index... Trying again in 2.5 second.

And I can wait forever, it will not do anything.
I have to restart everything.

Have you looked at your ES logs as well?