How to revert back to basic license?



I was given a trial license by the elastic team and now it has expired and I would like to revert back to the basic license to use the monitoring feature as it seems after the trial license expired the monitoring also stopped working.

I was unable to find info on reverting to basic license on the web.

Many thanks,

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I believe moderator is the only best person to guide on this. Why don't you ping him.


Thanks, the only mod I know of is warkolm the stormtrooper - will give warkolm a ping, "Hi warkolm, this is vader, got a problem with x-pack license..."

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Please don't ping people a few minutes after you've asked a question. These boards are monitored by multiple people and most questions are answered in a timely fashion without needing to message people directly.

You install a basic license the same way you install any other license:

If you need a new basic license you can get that here:


I haven't yet - I was only about to follow advice given.

Thanks for the info, will submit a registration.

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