How to safely update Kibana offline?

Hi, I've a server without Internet access (due to security rules) and I would
like to know how to safely update kibana.

For the kibana process, is it enough with just overwriting the kibana
folder? Do I have to keep something in mind before updating? It is possible to backup the dashboards?


Carlos Vega

All kibana configuration (dashboards, index patterns, etc..) are stored in .kibana index in your Elasticsearch cluster. So updating Kibana offline would just involve unzipping the new kibana distribution and moving over your kibana.yml from the older distribution.

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Thanks for your answer :blush:

Is there a way to do a copy of the dashboards in case I want to move them to other place?

Btw, I assume we're talking about Kibana 4, not Kibana 3 here. And yes, if you are running Kibana 4.1, you can export all saved objects in Settings >> Objects for archival or import into another system.

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Oh ! they added the option, definitely I need to upgrade kibana from the 4 to the 4.1 :smile:
Thanks again !
I really love the ELK stack because of its community and constant updates!

You can (and should) snapshot the .kibana index and then save that somewhere.