How to See Kibana Requests to ES


Is there a way to see the requests that Kibana makes to ES to check if a plugin is installed? I'm currently having issues with Kibana saying that the x-pack plugin is not installed on my ES cluster. I've found in the Kibana code where the call to the ES client is made, but now I'd like to actually see that call. From what I can tell, the call should not be returning a 400 error response, but it is. I'd very much like to see the exact call that's being made. Is that at all possible to see? Thanks for your time!


You can try with your browsers developer tools.

Unfortunately the developer tools only show the calls from the Kibana dashboard to the Kibana server. I really would like to see the calls from the Kibana server to the Elasticsearch server.

Insert a proxy between Kibana and Elasticsearch.

In your kibana.yml, change the line:

elasticsearch_url: "http://localhost:9200"

to point to a proxy that logs everything going through it. The proxy could be anything, squid, nginx, haproxy or even nc.


The ES url was already being redirected to an AWS elastic load balancer, and I followed your advice and logged all the requests going through the load balancer. I cannot find the word "_xpack" within the logged request URLs at all. It seems like kibana isn't making that call, which is really throwing me.