Kibana Says X-Pack Main and Graph Aren't Installed


I have an ES 5.0.0-alpha3 cluster with the x-pack plugin installed, but when Kibana is loaded, it says the cluster's status is Red because plugin:xpackMain and plugin:graph are not installed on the cluster. When I curl on /_nodes/plugins I can see that the x-pack plugin is installed. I can also curl on just /_xpack and get a response.

I'm thinking the issue has something to do with network settings on ES. Here's why: I previously was running an Amazon ECS instance with a a task definition that defined two containers, one for ES and one for Kibana. The Kibana container was linked to the ES container, and it worked fine. I could go to my ECS instance in my browser and Kibana would get brought with the graph plugin ready to go.

I have since separated the two tasks into their own disparate services and introduced an ELB in front of the ECS instance. Kibana is now communicating with Elasticsearch through the ELB, and Kibana is saying the X-pack main and graph plugins aren't installed. I'd greatly appreciate any help in figuring this issue out! As always, thank you for time!


Did you install xpack on Kibana as well?

Could you update to alpha4?

I did install x pack on Kibana. I'm hesitant to upgrade to alpha4 because it would require updating a few projects to work with alpha4. I'm curious if installing the AWS EC2 plugin had something to do with this error. That's the only change to the Elasticsearch and Kibana images I made. There's also some changes in infrastructure, such as I moved each image into its own ECS task definition, and now they Kibana talks to ES through the load balancer, rather than using Docker's network.

Well. This is something you will need to do: update to alpha4 or a beta version when available.
alpha versions should not be use in production.

That would probably help to make sure if this is something which has been fixed already in your context.

You gave here much more details like other plugins, environment... I'd suggest that:

  • you update to alpha4
  • if the issue is still here, describe all the steps you did to try to reproduce your problem or understand it better.

I'll try upgrading to to alpha4. But I'm curious as to what exact calls Kibana makes to decide whether or not a plugin is installed on the Elasticsearch cluster. I think that could help me debug the situation as well.

May be ask in #kibana list?

I posed the question on that list, and followed someone's advice to log all the traffic kibana is sending to a proxy for elasticsearch. Interestingly enough, I can't find the phrase "xpack" in any of the request urls. This bit of code suggests to me that Kibana should be using "xpack" in a request to ES.

export default function xpackInfo(client) {
return client.transport.request({
method: 'GET',
path: '_xpack'

So now I'm wondering if there is anything else I need to do to get Kibana to send this request?