Unable to Install Xpack on ElasticSearch and Kibana

Hella EveryOne ,

I need help to install x-pack plugin.
When I try to install it on elasticSearch with the following command : bin/elasticsearch-plugin install x-pack, that put me this :

I do not know if the installation went well but when I go into the plugin file in the directory elasticsearch there is nothing.

Please help. Thannnnks

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You don't have access to internet from the command line apparently.

Okay. no problem.

My PC is connected to internet.

I downloaded the x-pack file and also tried to install it directly with the following command :
elasticsearch-plugin install file:///
But that returns the following error : "error elasticsearch directory is missing in the plugin zip".

Where did you download the ZIP from and to?

Don't put the zip file in plugins dir but in any tmp dir you wish.

I downloaded it from this address : https://artifacts.elastic.co/downloads/kibana-plugins/x-pack/x-pack-5.3.0.zip.
I don't put him in the plugin directory. I left it in the download folder.

the syntax should be like this :
bin\elasticsearch-plugin install file:///C:\Users\zzfbehb\Downloads\x-pack-5.1.2.zip
if there was peoblem maybe you have typo
but as i remember for kibana you should use 2 // after file like this file:// (i used in 5.1 maybe it is resolved in 5.3)

Yes I have the same syntax but it doesn't work. They put me this :
Downloading file :///C:\Users....\Downloads\x-pack-5.3.0.zip
Error : "elasticsearch directory is missing in the plugin zip"

You downloaded the kibana version of the plugin.

artifacts.elastic.co/downloads/ kibana-plugins /x-pack/x-pack-5.3.0.zip


Yes indeed that was the problem. I managed to install it now thank you very much !!!

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