How to see the broadband used by the Elastic-agent

By the System Integration I can already see the inbout and outbound metrics. But I wanted to know how much of my internet is the Elastic-agent using when it sends metrics to the cluster.

While checking the Elastic-agent dashboards I found that view and I thought it may be related but couldn't tell for sure. So I opened the topic before getting any misconception about it.


Small update on this topic. It's possible to check the broadband used in Windows by looking into the WiFi connection usage in the Settings of WiFi.

image (316)

image (315)

Not only the Elastic-agent but also the services that comes with it (filebeat and metricbeat). It helped in my case so far so I'll be pointing it as a solution but if there is anything I'm missing or if there is any built-in function to see that inside the cluster I would appreciate it.

Best regards!

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