How to select multiple indices in Graph Kibana plugin?

I am using Graph 2.3.

in [] you wrote:

Currently the Graph API can explore multiple indices, types or aliases in a single API request

Therefore I tried to select multiple indices in Kibana Graph plugin selection list, but it did not work.
Can anyone help me, how this feature is implemented?

Is there a way to select aliases?

Thx in advance!

Hi Martin,

Today, in the Graph API, we do support querying an alias, or querying multiple indexes. However, the UI does not yet allow you to select anything other than concrete indexes.

We're looking into providing support for aliases and/or Kibana index patterns in the UI. Would that work for your use-case?


Same situation here. Either support for selecting aliases or index patterns would work fine for us. Thanks Steve!

I think a simple select which also includes aliases would work fine too. Like a hierarchical select where I can select the alias OR index in a single view:

Select index...
indexC-Alias <-- might show duplicate indices but show which indices are included for a given alias
indexD-1 <-- no alias

Hi Steve,

for me it would be enough to only have aliases.

My recommendation in point of integration would be to use the same functions as in kibana (same code, same handling, participate in improvements etc.)

Update - the 5.0 alpha 3 release of the elastic stack now includes a graph UI which uses Kibana index patterns for the choice of datasource instead of a single physical index. This means that multiple indices or aliases can now be used.

please provide the windows and unix download location of this release. We need this.

1 Like - This location only provides .tar file for elasticsearch.
Iam looking for .zip format for windows. If there is none - I can use my personal EC2 tomorrow.

The instructions say to install using elasticsearch-plugin and kibana-plugin inside respective bin directories.
IN my ES 2.3.5 and Kibana 4.5.4 installation - the elsaticsearch-plugin or kibana-plugin program is not available. I have only plugin program and that does not work for x-pack. It is going to a wrong URL and failing.

Guess Iam hijacking this thread to list x-pack alpha issues. Iam tired for the day finding in the maze of pages to find installation for alpha release. Will post this in the correct forum when I come the next time.

Take a look here:

or more specific - this is the download link for aplha 4

let us know if this solves your issues

You'll have to watch the version of the documentation you are currently looking at.
At the top right there should be a dropdown menu available to choose the version.

Always select the version you are currently running.