UX - Kibana Graph plugin - should have option to retain field selection when switching indices

If an index is simply partitioned on date the user will often want to run the same set of fields against a different instance of the same set of data. At the moment switching index resets all the field selections. This isn't so helpful :slight_smile: Would be good if there was a way to offer to preserve the field selection.

Would this requirement go away if you were able to run graph UI against a pre-defined Kibana index-pattern rather than as is done now with a concrete index name?
Kibana index patterns provides for wildcarded index names and a defined set of fields that are expected to be constant across these indices.

Yes pretty much, it should.

Update - the 5.0 alpha 3 release of the elastic stack now includes a graph UI which uses Kibana index patterns for the choice of datasource instead of a single physical index. This means that multiple indices or aliases can now be used.