How to set the column label for discovery data to include in dashboard


I want to include all data from index to a table. As I understand, I can not use visualization data table as that works with metrics only.
The best way to include that is save discovery and pull that in dashboard.
If the above is correct, please suggest -

  • how to set column labels in discovery table
  • how to remove default Time column
  • How to enable sorting for each column
  • How to do value mapping for each column data(Eg if null comes map to "some value")

Hey @xyz2,

You're right, the built-in data table cannot be used to display individual documents from Elasticsearch, but the Data Table inside of Canvas can!

As for your other questions, it's not possible to customize the display of the discovery search within a dashboard.

  • How to do value mapping for each column data(Eg if null comes map to "some value")

You can use a scripted field to accomplish this

Can I achieve all other features as I requested on canvas data table ?

Also I read in one of the elastic links that canvas is not very stable and mature

Canvas is still in Beta, but the team is actively working towards a "generally available" release.

Canvas's data table lets you customize which columns appear, so there is no default "time column". However, labels, sorting, and value mapping are not available here either.

Is there any alternative (like using scripted fields etc) to add column labels and achieve sorting on each column ON either discovery search or canvas data table ?

Also can we have search filters, time range selection options in canvas for a table data ?

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