How to share Dashboard to our business client

Hi Team,
I want to share Dashbaord to our Bussiness Client how can we make changes in Dashboard with our companys logo and our company details

A common way to do so is to use a markdown visualization - you can embed images in there and format the text.

Thanks Jeo, can u please elaborate it. i need documents or steps to perform.

It's just another visualization type you can put on your dashboard. See here:

Will check and will let you know Joe

Need one more help how to share different url apart from Elasticsearch, in short i dont want to provide elasticsearch url to Bussiness Clients

The best way to completely "detach" a dashboard from Kibana is to generate a PDF report and use that elsewhere:

As an alternative it's also possible to embed a dashboard in another website using an iframe, however a tech savy user will still be able to see the Kibana host behind it in this case.

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