How to show only 2 numbers in vertical axis

Hi, I have only 2 servers and in the time series graph I want to show which server is online. Is there any way in Kibana to show only 2 numbers in X-axis ?
I know Kibana dynamically set the ranges and display values but the graph is not looking good as it's showing too many numbers in between.
I just want to show the red circle numbers.

Hi @rkidev

what editor are you using, Lens or TSVB?

In recent versions of Lens the number of ticks has been reduced:

Hi Marco, I am using Lens and Elastic Search version is 8.3.2. And in the above screenshot you have attached, I just want to display 0,1 & 2 (don't want to show 0.5 and 1.5 in between).

At the moment there's no fine control about what kind of ticks to show.
I found an issue which tracks axis ticks representation, in particular there's a point about showing integer only values: [Lens] Improve tick formatting · Issue #97100 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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