How to specify dashboard only access with change password permissions


I'm currently trying to define roles for the different user types on the system using the Kibana user management interface.
I'm struggling to determine the right combination of privileges to achieve the access I require which is as follows:

  • Dashboard only access (can only view the dashboards tab)
  • Change password access on a user basis (only the logged in user can change their own password)

I have defined data access privileges on an index basis so I don't think this is my issue. I have attached screenshots of my role definition and user definition.
If someone could provide me with the type of permission options I need to specify to achieve this, it would greatly help my situation.
Thanks in advance!


Can someone help me please?

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Hi Liz, sorry for the delay. Every user should be able to change their password on the Account page that you see when you click your name in the side bar. However, I think you've uncovered a bug in which dashboard-only users don't have access to this part of the UI. I'm going to investigate this and see if I can fix this for you and our other users.

If your users are comfortable using cURL, there's a change password API which every user can use to change her/his password.



Hi CJ,

Thanks for getting back to me. Ok great, thank you so much!
I will have a look into the change password API for the meanwhile.


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Hi Liz we've just merged the fix for this into X-Pack. It should be available in 6.2.2 and later versions. Thanks again for bringing this up!



Hi CJ,

Thank you for fixing the issue so quickly and getting back to me. No problem!


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