How to specify multiple data paths in custom car

I've defined a custom car with base=vanilla. I'm trying to set multiple data paths using data_paths, but I'm not sure how to make rally recognize the value.

I've tried

/path/0, /path/1

In the first three cases, it treats the paths as a single string and I end up with ['/path/0,/path/1'] ['/path/0/,/path/1/'] ['/path/0, /path/1']

in my elasticsearch.yml. In the ones where I explicitly add quotes, the end result uses the opposite quote type to make them a single string. So


becomes ['/path/0","/path/1']



becomes ["/path/0','/path/1"]

How can i delimit my strings so that elasticsearch will store in multiple locations?


Did you try to specify data_paths via a json file, as described here and use an array e.g.:

    "data_paths": ["/mnt/disk1", "/mnt/disk2"]

store it as car_params.json and then reference it using car_params=/path/to/car_params.json?

I ended up just changing the elasticsearch.yml file in vanilla to match what I wanted, but thank you for the recommendation!

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