How to stack Bucket level column in Data Table Visualization of Kibana

Hi i have created this table wtih dummy data i had.

I want the Column1 and Column2 stacked in the left most end like in the Normal Excel table
and then the countries and their values in rest of the fields.

The re-printing of the buckets columns makes the table very cluttersome. Please suggest a solution.

I'm a bit confused as to why you're showing column 2 to begin with if it's the same across all of your tables/values... Could you explain? Thanks!

Thanks for reply,

The original data in the index involves a field which have open/new as values. These value suggests that the Enquiries are outstanding and yet to be resolved.

I created a Scripted Field which prints/returns Outstanding query instead on New/Open(Enquiries) values. And then i created a sub bucket in the Data table visualization using that field which is the Column 2.

Now i know i can solve this by using the filter as in to take only those docs which contain outstanding query but i wanted to make exact copy of the current Dashboard/Table used in Excel by my org.

Also, even if I remove Column 2 Can we stack the Column1 on the extreme left?

Do you mind just sharing a screenshot or a sketch for what you're trying to accomplish? I'm missing something here. Sorry!

This is hand sketch of what i am looking for.
In comparison to the former screenshot, here I have stacked the attribute columns(column1,column2) on to left and the metrics columns viewed under specific country(here country is another bucket)

Note:- Don't mind my poor handwriting.


Ahh, this makes sense. Thanks for taking the time to do this!

I can't think of a good way to accomplish this in Kibana at the moment. There are several enhancement requests on GitHub that request this or something like this:

You might check out to see if it can help solve this issue.

hi lukas,

I did check all requests and i think the first one is most relatable.
As a solution someone commented installing "enhanced-table" plugin which have some extra features that might be used as well.

Will try to use it and see if it fits my requirement.
Then I will mark a comment with plug-in link as an answer.

thanks for the reply.

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