How to track user actions (process list)?


How to track user activity by username? Understand what data users use? What requests are sent to the elastic? Looking for users who send large elastic requests? Search for specific queries that led to the failure or slow work of the cluster? See the most popular indices and queries to them from important users for us to optimize specific indices?
That is, it is about linux "top" like utility for Elastic because we have multiuser cluster. These are very important questions to meet the needs of users.

On training (Elasticsearch Engineer) In the fall of 2018, we talked about this with Igor Motov, and he said that there is no such functionality, but you plan to develop it. We follow all product releases, but did not see the functions described above.Do you carry out any work in this area? When to expect such opportunities?

We hope for a good answer.
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Packetbeat can do some of that, but we don't have anything specific at this stage sorry.

It is a long term on-going effort. Some of the issues related to this effort can be followed on the elasticsearch side here:

and on kibana side they are here:

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