How to update the dashboard automatically

I want my dashboard to get updated automatically. Whenever I insert data in my csv file and as soon as I press the refresh button it should get updated.
I know there is a time filter on the top and I tried using that, but got no response

Well .. is your CSV data ingested into Elasticsearch? Is there a timestamp in your index?

So , out of the two dashboards , one has timestamp but it is getting updated only up to a certain time limit. Let me put my problem in more simple words.
For ex: I have data till March 15 in my csv that is ingested in the elasticsearch. And the time filter is helping me getting my dashboard upto that particular time only.

If I enter new data in my csv, I want my dashboard to show that too. How should I go about it ?

You need to constantly check for updates of the csv files using filebeat. Filebeat will read every new line as soon as it gets created into Elasticsearch.
If everything is default configuration in Elasticsearch you will see the new data in the Dashboard as soon as its stored in ES.
So how do you upload your CSV into Elastic and how is your pipeline organized..?

So , I havent't installed beat yet. I simply ingested my data using machine learning tab and then add your data followed by ingestion.

Data visualizer is uploading the current state. So this is a manual process that you would need to repeat for new data. With the beat everything works automatically

Okay, I will do that

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