Records field not getting updated in Kibana dashboard

I'm pushing my CSV data directly to Elasticsearch using python. Because of that, an index is getting created. But, then I am creating a data view manually in order to use it for KIBANA DASHBOARDS. The error I am facing is that when I am uploading CSV manually into the Elasticsearch, it automatically gets the count of records i.e the field "RECORDS" is getting updated automatically. But, when I push the CSV file through python, the count/records do not get automatically updated. And you don't get to see the count on the dashboard. So, someone please guide me through this?

Hi @Shashank02

You did not provide enough information to help.

I suspect the index you are writing to with the python does not match the pattern for the data views you are using... But that is just a guess.

From Kibana Dev Tools run

GET _cat/indices?v

And point out which indices you loaded manually and which you loaded with python.

Also show how you created the data view / show the current settings.

Then perhaps someone may be able to help

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